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Poster: dgrayshn Date: Dec 1, 2003 12:55am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: id3 tags?

sure thats a touching story and I mean no disrespect to your father.. but how is one able to repsond to something like that.. id feel better reading it if it was non biased otherwise it feels tainted in my view. Because its very obvious where you stand on this issue.

*just pointing out my view, not attacking anyone*

actually I've been debating for months now with a good friend of mine who works in a library and like me is a taper... he sees this similar to the posters he works with.. he provides a master image in tiff format which is huge like SHN and then smaller samples in jpeg for example..

I can see where he has a point that its worthwile to have a copy for both purposes like brewster pointed out in his post.. but as far as the archive goes there needs to be a bigger disctinction... perhaps building an interface which allows users to stream mp3's but NOT download them and then having the SHN/Flac for people to download..
I think there is wiggle room when I say stream so thats its not perceived to be a radio station but who knows maybe I am wrong..

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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Dec 1, 2003 3:32am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: individual perspective-shifting

its very obvious where you stand on this issue.

Right Matt, just as it's obvious from your posts where you stand, and from some other contributors about where they stand on various points. ;) But don't worry, although I help volunteer here, I'm certainly not a person to make the directional decisions here, I'm just one of the discussers along with you. As friendly debaters, we'd each like to get our point well across. :)

Y'know, as one of the earlier ones to push SHN and as keeper of a SHN FAQ for some years now, I've been in the trading trenches along with you pushing for "quality training" and raising the "SHN, not mp3" banner within our little trading community. Within the last couple years, my thinking has evolved beyond that because of a couple of big factors:

-As Marco said last month, it's now clear that "we won the war" in the trading community- anything else is just mopup. ;) IMO there's enough critical mass of clued-in people now to train the new traders who may be confused about what we trade and why we trade it. We have a mighty weight of trading culture, so many help resources to support that, and so many nagging voices to point traders to them. ;) That is cool.

-I've seen how internet music access has shifted so dramatically in our national/global culture that it's- amazingly!- dwarfed the internet trading community that basically started it all, even though our community is mighty on its own. I have my dad's example, a whole different-style example with a brother that I won't go into now ;) and there are so many other stories out there, from "regular people." They've swayed me.

Diana "the SHN Queen" (heh)

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